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Fibre & Facilities Management

Sizwe Africa IT Group provides the entire spectrum of turnkey solutions pertaining to Facility Management and Infrastructure Maintenance. This includes maintenance and lifecycle management of Physical Infrastructure and Utilities. Through remote access services, we simplify maintenance and support service delivery of the environment, this minimises downtime and maximises dispatch avoidance.


Customised Focused Areas of Expertise

Data Centre Management

This encompasses the holistic management of data centres to ensure 100% uptime of the network, servers and storage in the facility.

  • Backup and Redundant Power Mangement
  • Access Control and CCTV Surveillance
  • Monitoring of Hardware Inventories in the Data Centre
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Handling & Cooling)
Data Centre Environmental

Monitoring Data Centres and Server Rooms hold vital business information that needs to be protected.

  • Proactive environmental protection monitoring against damage from natural disasters such as fires and water (flooding)
  • Monitoring tools to remotely support and activate remedial actions to restart/restore services. This includes the remote mechanical resetting of electrical motorised breakers
Data Carrier

Restoration of mission critical business services by repairing fibre optic cables and related media to full operational level against stringent SLAs.

  • Proactive route protection patrols
  • Fault finding and identify location
  • Determine the impact of the breakage and prioritisation of traffic
  • Temporary restoration of mission critical traffic
  • Undertake assessment to identify future risk to the network and propose a permanent solution
  • Fibre blowing into existing fibre channels
  • Civil work e.g. road closures, trenching, building man holes, way leaves, and floating


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