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Green Energy Solutions

Sizwe Africa IT Group is committed to Green Energy Solutions through energy sources that produce electricity, with an environmental profile superior to conventional power technologies, which produce no fossil fuel-based greenhouse gas emissions.

We have extended our energy solutions into the sustainable energy domain:

  • Systems are designed to meet unique requirements, with both single and 3 phase compatibility
  • Size can be up scaled from 5kWp
  • Option of both Grid-tied and hybrid systems
  • Remote monitoring accessible anywhere on the globe
  • Optional generator integration
  • We can conduct a full energy audit on a client’s premises
  • Lighting audits can be conducted in order to switch to energy efficient lighting
  • Power factor correction and other energy saving initiatives
  • Financing options available
Specifically outlined to meet the needs of our clients, we plan and design solar solutions to fit each individual’s requirements.

Sizwe Africa IT Group can also offer financing for these projects. Our financing options can be tailor made according to the value and payback period of each specific system. Read More

With the ever increasing instability of electricity supply in South Africa and the high, unpredictable tariff increases, the question no longer is whether to go solar, but rather when can you start!

Sizwe Africa IT Group continuously earn our clients’ trust through honesty and transparent relationships.

We take the responsibility of being entrusted with our clients’ needs very seriously, which is why we employ expert technicians and offer full support to ensure our clients are always taken care of.

Commercial Solar Solutions and Finance Brochure
Residential Solar Solutions and Finance Brochure


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