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Managed Services

Sizwe’s Managed Services ensure that our operational support team is equipped to fulfil your expectations to the very last detail. With efficient systems, functioning within an integrated on-sight or SaaS environment, one can do more with less: less hassle and no worrying about exceeding your budget.

The ICT support team functions within a well-structured management framework that uses the power of automation to optimise time.  With expansion, efficiency and technology advancements in mind, focus on strategic initiatives has high priority in this ever-evolving industry.
IT systems management is more than monitoring and patching. The Sizwe complete, automatic, proactive IT systems management strategy underpins the necessity to save time and money. By implementing our strategy with standard processes throughout the entire IT environment, many tedious manual tasks are eliminated. This allows our professionals more space to increase performance, reduce overall risk and manage growth.

The service and solution selection process is based on the client’s business requirements and affordability. In addition to that we consider a broad range of criteria to help us build an efficient, robust systems management strategy that meets the client’s expectations and empowers the organisation to meet its goals. Key criteria include functionality, features, architecture, integration, automation, reporting and cost.  
Staffed by highly-skilled operators, our Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all service requests. One incident triggers a command to our operations team, who attend to you in a matter of moments. Each incident, from logging until successful completion, is managed against a service level agreement. We deliver on our promise to keep your systems functioning at optimum capacity.




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