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Unified Network solutions

Sizwe Africa IT Group’s networks team provides a bouquet of focused network services and solutions. Leveraging our world-class solutions from our technology partners, backed by the Group’s certified engineers, we have the capacity, skills and resources to optimise your network and provide turnkey solutions.

Our focused solutions consist of the complete lifecycle approach which includes planning, design, implementation, operation and optimisation. We employ Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and Certified Data Centre Design Professionals (CDCDPs) who, based on their knowledge of international and local regulations as well as the industry codes telecommunications standards, are able to accurately model cost and ensure availability.

‘Green IT’ and the understanding of ‘Carbon Footprints’ are terms fast becoming critical in the design of ICT activities, as is ‘Energy Efficiency’. Sizwe can quantify electricity savings and provide examples of methods that can greatly reduce electrical power consumption. We ensure that after considering these factors, we design systems that have low risk implications.

Our excellent relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors ensure on-time delivery of any network requirements
  • Horizontal data, power and voice cabling
  • Backbone fibre optic and cabling  
  • Cable pathways  
  • Communication towers  
  • Containerised solutions  
  • Equipment cabinets  
  • Environmental cabinets  
  • Switching centres, computer rooms, data centres, PABX room  
  • Air-conditioning 
  • Electrical reticulation 
  • Continuous energy (Generator and UPS power)
  • Maintenance support and replenishment  
  • Environmental monitoring  
  • Access control and security  
  • CCTV 
  • Fire detection and protection
Our focussed specialised communication areas of expertise include
  • Routing & Switching
  • Unified Communications
  • Wireless
  • Physical and Network Security
  • Network Optimisation
  • Network Management
  • Professional Services: Outsourcing
  • Video Surveillance
  • Network Monitoring
  • Call Centres
  • Storage
  • Cloud Solutions / Outsource Solutions
  • Webex
  • Video Conferencing



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