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Systems Integration

Sizwe Africa IT Group understands that in the fast-moving world of IT, business needs are different and constantly changing. With technology being mostly at the centre of any business operations, organisations need to continually evolve to remain competitive.

In this landscape, Sizwe Africa IT Group is seen as the partner of choice by introducing its latest business unit, Systems Integration, to complement its other three business units which are mostly focused on hardware and infrastructure.

Systems Integration focuses on cloud-based software solutions, developed to improve performance, manage risk and to drive innovation. This opens up new avenues for businesses to ensure a positive return on investment in ICT systems and resources.

With Systems Integration, Sizwe will better understand clients’ needs and the environments in which they operate, so to develop and implement more client-specific solutions.

This ultimately means; instead of clients having to alter business processes to fit in with a standard system, Sizwe will develop innovative tailored systems to fit in with existing processes.

Systems Integration consists of two units
  1. Professional Services
  2. Systems Management Services


Professional Services expands operational capacity by integrating ICT solutions into business decisions and operations.

This is achieved through
  1. ICT Consulting
  2. Business Process Outsourcing
  3. Project and Services Based Resourcing
  4. ICT Advisory And Innovation


Systems Management Services is responsible for maintaining and supporting clients’ Systems and Integration, including legacy systems (out of date or in need of replacement).

This is a crucial component for any business, due to the growing demand for cloud-based software and systems globally.

Systems Management Services offer the following services
  1. Systems Audit and Optimization
  2. Systems Orchestration
  3. Systems Development

Sizwe Africa IT Group hosts and maintains all types of cloud based applications, delivers technical and end-user support, and provides business process and change management services.


A clearer understanding of clients’ requirements will translate into

  • Cost savings and reductions
  • Larger pool of offerings to choose from
  • Larger expertise base to tap into
Clients further benefit from Sizwe’s
  • Vast IT knowledge and experience
  • Broad range of ICT capabilities
  • Meaningful industry insights
  • Best-practice processes
  • Optimised operations
  • Continuous systems development
  • Systems audits
  • OEMs quality offerings and insurance
Through this comprehensive range of capabilities and all-inclusive technology industry knowledge, Sizwe Africa IT Group helps clients to
  • Retain investor confidence
  • Continuously improve performance by leveraging new technologies
  • Effectively and proactively manage change and mitigate risk
  • Adjust to a low carbon economy

Sizwe Africa IT Group shows significant growth, resulting from internal processes and alignment optimisation obtained through

  • A client-centric approach
  • Quality client and customer service
  • Maximising and prioritising human capital
  • Utilising only experts in required fields
  • Forming close partnerships with clients 
  • Responsive, alert and mindful of timeframes
  • Open and flexible to engage with clients at anytime
  • Prioritises quality and being proud to be ISO 9001 certified
  • Services and solutions are environmental friendly thus contributing to Green IT

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