Partnering with end-to-end security provider key for seamless protection

Centurion, 25 Apr 2022

Cyber security is of critical importance today, with new attack vectors and methods increasing almost daily, and a global collection of well-funded cyber criminals focused on stealing money, intellectual property and generally causing mayhem for businesses.

It is thus clear that a company’s security journey is one that will never stop, which means it is vital for businesses to ensure they partner with a security provider that can deliver an end-to-end service.

According to Tasneem van Wyk, Executive for Converged Connectivity and Infrastructure Solutions at Sizwe Africa IT Group, such a partner will be able to assist your business to avoid reputational damage by preventing data breaches and minimising the impact of a security incident, not to mention enhancing and maintaining your company’s overall security posture.

Ultimately, says Van Wyk, companies need to partner with a security specialist that can take overall responsibility across all aspects of your security, thereby enabling you to invest your time into other essential parts of your business.

“Sizwe is aligned with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Cyber-security Framework, which allows us to help companies to understand, manage, structure and minimise cyber security risks, by implementing a five-point plan in which we identify a client’s current security posture, protect by limiting the impact of a breach, detect possible threats timeously, respond appropriately to the threat and recover by highlighting the best processes to achieve business resilience, and to rapidly repair affected services, capabilities and capacities,” adds Van Wyk.

Sizwe works closely with leading industry players in the IT security space, and has alliances with several of the top security vendors. Furthermore, the company has its own Security Operations Centre that is delivered as a service (SOCaaS), which provides 24/7 monitoring services of the clients’ environment to prevent and detect threats in real-time.

“In addition, we offer the convenience of a virtual CISO Service (CISOaaS) to assist customers in developing and implementing an information security programme without the challenges of cost and the scarcity of the resource. Sizwe also has industry experts available to provide consultancy services whenever needed.”

“Managed services security providers (MSSPs) offer outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. As an MSSP, this means that Sizwe has the capability to provide an end-to-end cyber security service. In addition, with the plethora of ICT capabilities and expertise that it possesses, Sizwe can protect a client’s environment across networks, end point devices and the cloud. Ultimately, this provides its clients with complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting their business from malicious attacks.

By Tasneem van Wyk, Executive for Converged Connectivity and Infrastructure Solutions at Sizwe Africa IT Group.

“Essentially, Sizwe is a one-stop shop when it comes to an organisation’s cyber security needs. We can assist at any point along a customer’s security journey, and we have the capabilities and expertise, the management and the monitoring models in place to allow for the delivery and implementation of fully customised and fit-for-purpose solutions,” concludes Van Wyk.