Managed Services

Sizwe Africa IT Group’s Managed Services ensures that our support team is equipped to fulfil your expectations to the very last detail.

Managed Services

Sizwe Africa IT Group’s Managed Services ensures that our support team is equipped to fulfil your expectations to the very last detail.

IT systems management is more than monitoring and patching. Cost control cannot be achieved by constantly “fighting fires”, that’s why a complete, automatic, proactive IT systems management strategy is necessary, to save time and money. By implementing such a strategy, with robust processes implemented throughout the entire IT environment, inefficient tasks are eliminated allowing for increased performance, reduced risk and exponential growth is realised in your operations. 

When choosing a solution for a business, we look first and foremost at the client’s needs. Secondly, we consider a broad range of criteria to help us build an efficient, robust IT systems management strategy that meets the client’s expectations and empowers the organisation to meet its goals. These key criteria include: functionality, features, architecture, integration, automation, reporting and cost. 

Staffed by highly-skilled operators, our Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all service requests. One call to log a query triggers a command to our standby maintenance team who attend to you in a matter of moments. Each incident is managed from logging until successful completion against a service level agreement. We deliver on our promise to keep your systems functioning at optimum capacity.

Our strategic partnerships with reputable and accredited OEMs positions us a partner of choice for both the public and private sector. Our internal expertise and hands on approach includes Design, Plan, Build, Maintain, Support and Optimise our Managed Services offerings based on global best practice.

Beyond traditional application and infrastructure management, our Managed Services also includes storage, desktop and communications, mobility, help desk and technical support – actioned through a National Call Centre.

Our core objective is to optimise and build operational efficiencies thereby contain costs for your business.


Our Service

24/7/365 National Call Centre
Staffed by highly skilled operators, our National Call Centre provides a single point of contact for all service requests. One incident triggers a command to our operations team, who attend to you in a matter of moments. Each incident, from logging until successful completion, is managed against a service level agreement. We deliver on our promise to keep your users happy and your systems functioning at optimum capacity.
Cloud Computing
Through our virtualisation technology cloud computing services, we provide the flexibility to request hardware and/or software at a moment’s notice, giving you as much computing power as you can possibly use, or as little as you need. You pay only for the resources used, and delete it when your tasks are complete.
Our data centre hosting solution is designed to allow for flexibility and accommodates your specific requirements. We build to N+1 resilience, thus guaranteeing 99.995% of uptime, all governed by a Service Level Agreement. Locating within our data centre ensures security for your equipment through comprehensive perimeter and building security, with access only through pre-authorisation and when accompanied by a Sizwe technician.
Server Management
We take care of the risks related to server management for service interruption, technical disaster and server failure. Our server management services cover installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, backup services and much more.
Management Print Services
We provide Managed Print Services which optimises all your print processes for business documentation. We do this through a process of Assessment, Design, Implement, Optimisation and Management to precisely identify your unique document output requirements and costs. What’s more, by offering a wide range of services from one single source, we eliminate the frustration and time-wasted dealing with numerous service providers.
End User Computing Devices
Computing devices are integral for your business. Our offerings not only provisions devices but also the management and support thereof, through a set of advanced monitoring and management tools to ensure speedy responses to end users. Our skilled engineers render support services directly to the users and fulfil IMACD service requests.
Remote Monitoring and Management
Our remote monitoring and management offering proactively identifies and remediates problems at source. We understand that active maintenance is of outmost importance to the business operations.
Rental Solution
A rental solution manages the lifecycle of the asset through procurement, deployment, upgrades, maintenance, and finally, retirement. This reduces your costs as well as your risks, while increasing your service quality.

Green Smart Centre

South Africa continues to face a great deal of challenges, particularly in delivering the infrastructure necessary for service delivery particularly in education, skills development and job creation. Sizwe, with our technical partners, has developed an innovative solution that will address the shortage of classrooms but also introduce the digital transformation necessary to springboard to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Print Services

Printing and document control is a vital part of every business, and a process that should be efficient and effective. Maintaining, repairing and operation (MRO) costs for these processes can easily escalate, constituting a majority in your organisations expenses. We at Sizwe have innovated a seamless solutions.