Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Centurion, South Africa, 22 Sep 2020

Government has long held the view that the small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME) arena holds the key to the creation of sustainable jobs and the driving of economic growth. Sizwe Africa IT Group fully subscribes to this principle, which is why it believes in contributing a critical angle to the sustainable growth of such businesses, namely partnerships.

To this end, the company is particularly proud of its partnership with Mamazalacom, founded by Hendrey Chikane, whose burning desire is to provide customers with an exceptional experience around Web and mobile application development, Web site and graphic design, e-commerce and Web hosting, which led to the launch of this ambitious SMME.

According to Chikane, the two organisations’ relationship goes back to 2017, when Mamazalacom was given the opportunity to participate in an Internet of things (IOT) project with Sizwe that ultimately did not achieve what was anticipated.

“Despite this, Sizwe and Mamazalacom stayed in touch and other opportunities instead arose. The relationship has grown tremendously over the last three years, to the point where we have developed a contract management system which the Sizwe Finance Team is now making use of; also designed the Sizwe Web site and currently hosts and maintains it on our platform,” he says. “As Mamazalacom, we had a vision to grow the company and provide unique cloud hosting services to our customers. The challenge we faced was that this required a substantial financial and technical capability in order to make it happen. Sizwe believed in our hosting initiative and provided us with technical expertise and support from their team, including our infrastructure set-up, storage, networking and security, to name a few. Without this kind of support, our dream would have remained that – merely a dream.”

Chikane explains that Mamazalacom’s cloud hosting solution is based on the Jelastic platform as a service (PaaS) solution. It is, he continues, a cloud platform for software developers, SMMEs, corporates and service providers who need to speed up development, reduce the cost and complexity of infrastructure management and improve uptime and security.

“The platform automates the creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of cloud-native and traditional applications; it further supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, .NET, and Go environments, as well as Docker and Kubernetes clusters. Perhaps best of all, it also offers a unique pay-per-use pricing model,” he adds.

Customers can register via our Web site or and test drive our platform for 14 days free of charge, and if your testing requirements exceeds our free resources, you can chat to us for a POC.

By Hendrey Chikane – Founder of Mamazalacom.

“We are really excited about our relationship with Sizwe, which has grown tremendously over the last three years – from beneficiary, to service provider and client of the company. The relationship has also enabled us to enhance our expertise and service offerings, enabling us to become one of their trusted service providers.”

According to Bongi Radebe, Sizwe’s Executive for Corporate Development, financial support from corporates is critical to SMMEs like this, as it ensures they can keep their doors open. That said, she points out that in her view, skills transfer and technical support is even more valuable, as it gives smaller organisations a lifeline, which helps them to grow, become independent and ultimately to create employment.

“We hope our contribution will help them in future to empower young people with the relevant knowledge and technical skills which will assist them to grow as individuals and further their careers. We believe Mamazalacom deserves all the success it has achieved, as Hendrey left a comfortable job to pursue his dream and has turned this business into a real success story. There are very few other SMMEs that are able to offer their clients something new and tangible, while aiming as high as they have,” she says.

“Sizwe places a strong focus on empowering SMMEs, especially those like Mamazalacom, which offer unique and exciting ideas and solutions. While we have provided technical support and advice; the company’s success is all its own and we look forward to seeing them grow in this industry.”