Community Investment

Sizwe Africa IT Group places education as its primary focus area of our Sustainable Community Investment (SCI) strategy.

Community Investment

Sizwe Africa IT Group places education as it primary focus area of our Sustainable Community Investment (SCI) stratey.

We consider ICT as a powerful enabler for social and economic inclusion and for tackling the many challenges facing our communities. Addressing them requires a holistic and long-term view and systemic approach founded upon insights, commitment and partnerships.

We believe that technology-enabled education is fundamental to bridging the digital divide, creating opportunities for future employment, contributing to building a thriving economy and an area that has significant impact on the future success of South Africa. Our investment in inclusive education is also crucially linked to the development of skills needed in the ICT industry.


Our education-related
SCI initiatives include:

The connectivity in urban and rural schools.
ICT Infrastructure
The provision of ICT infrastructure and hardware at the adopted schools.
Training & Support
The training and support of educators in e-learning technology.
e-Learning Software
Through partnerships e-learning software is offered to learners at the adopted schools.
School Shoe Kits
The supply of school shoe kits (which includes a pair of new school shoes, a tin of shoe polish and a shoe brush) to each learner at the adopted schools.

To maximize impact and leverage resources, we partner with like-minded organisations in the public and private sector that share the same passion and philosophy about accelerating ICT and the future of South Africa.

Through our partnership with POPUP (People Upliftment Programme), we aim to reduce unemployment and poverty, and ultimately create resilient and self-sufficient communities. To raise digital literacy, we provide ICT specific and work-readiness programmes focused on skills development and entrepreneurship.

Our integrated approach places the communities at the very centre of our efforts. We believe in the power of collective action and working closely with communities,whom we recognise as active citizens who script their destiny, and our partners.


POPUP (People Upliftment Progamme) has a holistic approach to the upliftment of under priviledged communities. It operates a fully-fledged skills training and development centre to ensure independence, restoration and true upliftment of individuals through market-related, cost-effective training.

POPUP has developed several programmes over the years to ensure the fulfilment of the individual’s needs – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Our involvement will include a Smart Centre that will focus on the development of skills in the ICT Sector.