The Best Corporate Identity Verification Software in 2023

What is digital identity verification? Digital identity verification is software used to authenticate an individual’s identity by verifying personal data, such as name, date of birth, address, and other biometric information. This software is typically used to prevent fraud and unauthorised access to sensitive accounts, databases, and websites.

What is the top corporate identity verification software available so far in 2023?

Looking for an end-to-end identity verification solution? Top identity verification companies offer analysis of digital footprints for website visitors and profile them by collecting detailed data. Facial recognition and biometric identification are increasingly used to deter online fraudulence, however it is not infallible. Blockchain KYC is the latest method of verification and utilises blockchain technology to store identities. Although blockchain identity verification is still in testing, it is proving to be reliable and efficient.


iDenfy is a Lithuanian based startup that offers an extensive range of identity verification software, including facial recognition, liveness detection, KYB, AML screening, NFC verification and address/phone verification. They have a great reputation for customer service and quick response time. This vendor provides risk scoring per verified individual which is basic compared to some of the top identity verification companies, but it is still valuable. is an identity verification provider for US-based customers, meeting federal standards. It has worked with US government contracts and provides multi-factor authentication, KYC, document verification, vaccine passport and electronic prescription services. However, it may not be suitable for international customers, and its reporting could be more detailed and customizable.


Ondato is a SaaS provider of identity verification services, offering biometrics, video, e-signature and NFC verification modules, as well as the ability to be deployed under the buyer’s own brand. It can verify documents but does not offer extensive data or risk scores. Bear in mind that it is a premium purchase and that Deepfake technology is increasingly used to bypass live video checks.


SEON is a comprehensive anti-fraud prevention and identity verification tool, offering customizable rules and highly detailed data. It combines IP, email and phone analysis with device fingerprinting, reverse social and digital platform lookup, machine learning for risk scoring, PEP and blacklist screening. SEON supports fraud prevention and user identification with alternative data, identifying high-value customers, and filtering junk users. It also offers invisible screening to ensure frictionless customer journeys and machine learning to spot patterns between similar accounts.


Trulio has an expansive international database, comprising 5 billion identities across 195 countries and 4,200 documents. Their identity verification services include identity confirmation, ID document analysis, business authentication and AML watchlist screening. Trulioo’s global identity verification is one of the few free identity verification trials! They have intuitive payment plans which are tailored to the customer’s needs.


Token of Trust is a secure identity verification software offering multiple identity verification tools for businesses. It helps verify and protect their customers’ identities, reduce fraud, and comply with regulations, all via an API as well as a WordPress plugin. This identity verification software provides the necessary tools to help businesses future-proof their operations. 


In conclusion, identity verification software is a vital tool for businesses to ensure the safety of their customers and their data. With the right software, businesses can verify customer identities quickly and securely, and keep their customers safe from costly fraud attacks. Sizwe Business Networking has built a solid reputation and forged a path as a leading ICT solutions provider. They offer reliability, consistency, and drive customer success in today’s digital age. With these best identity verification software picks for 2023, businesses can rest assured that they and their customers are secure and protected.