Sizwe Cybersecurity Journey: Recover

Steps of the Sizwe Cybersecurity Journey: Part 3

Today’s article by Sizwe Africa covers step 5 of the Sizwe Cybersecurity Journey: Backup and disaster recovery and ransomware recovery.

Step 5: Recover

The recovery of data should not be overlooked or ignored. It is a crucial aspect of maintaining cyber security. Step 5 is all about recovery. Recovery is a key requirement due to the rising increase of ransomware across the South African landscape.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster recovery has become a key requirement now due to the rising increase of ransomware across the South African landscape

Ransomware Recovery

Should you be hit with ransomware, we offer a full recovery service: we will determine the type of ransomware, determine the scope of the attack, assess the impact to prioritise and motivate resources, find the infection vector, remediate, communicate and recover. We will then work with you to improve your security maturity to avoid a repeat.

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Cybersecurity month

By Aadiel Ayob, Executive – Innovative Enterprise Services and Solutions at Sizwe Africa IT Group